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Tingu Travel is a UAE-registered group travel company curating intimate group experiences around the UAE and the rest of the world. This is a brand built around a passion for travel, diverse experiences and self discovery. This is our founder’s story. 

“My first time overseas was when I landed a job in London at 24. You can imagine how big a deal this was for me, after a year of working in my home country, Zimbabwe. After my colleagues sold solo travel to me, I took my first trip, and it was to Paris. The travel bug bit, and my life has never been the same since. 

I moved from London to Johannesburg, and at this point, the prohibitive cost of travel on the continent made me assume my travels had come to an end. But instead, I discovered affordable, beautiful destinations in South Africa and the rest of Africa. I decided to start a blog, to share my travel in the continent with others. I came up with the name Tingu, because it’s something my mum used to call me. Tingu comes from the Shona (a Zimbabwean language) word, “Kutingura” which means galavanting. So Tingu is someone that galavants. That’s me! I’m Tingu, and I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. My love for scuba diving and hiking grew from experiencing new destinations on the continent, and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro is still my most memorable African travel experience to date! 

Tingu evolved from a blog to a startup, which initially was a market place for promoting domestic travel in Africa. I entered a pitch competition organised by TotalEnergies, called the Startupper of the Year. I was one of the winners globally of the Top Female Entrepreneur title. Representing my country, I went to Paris, to join a tech incubator. Paris is clearly a very important city in my life story! It was after this experience that I was approached for a role in Dubai. I felt like accepting the offer meant I was giving up on my dream. But after much deliberation, I made the move to Dubai. And 2 months later, Covid struck! To this day, I am still grateful that offer came when it did.” 

It's no secret that many of us struggle with loneliness in the UAE. And here we are, in the hub of global travel. Wouldn't it be great to take advantage of the ease of travel, with like-minded people? Now more than ever, we know the importance of having a community, and we all yearn to be “outside”. Tingu Travel is for people like me, who want to connect with other people in an intimate group setting, whilst authentically experiencing different destinations. Having personally visited 31 countries, this company is run by people who know and love travel. 

We value authentic experiences, and good value for money. But by no means, will we compromise on your comfort! Above all, we want to connect with people in an intimate setting, and have a good time! So, take advantage of our flexible payment options, and leave all the planning to us. Just book your spot, and prepare for an epic adventure! See you at our next trip!