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Tingu Travel is the only travel experience curator in the UAE that welcomes you at any stage of your travel journey



Our mission

We’re here to design authentic travel experiences in the UAE where everyone feels welcome and energised to try new things and meet new people.



You’re in good hands here!

  • Founded by a travel enthusiast


Our founder Ashleigh has travelled to 30+ countries across 4 continents. Travel is a way of life for us - and we’re here to make your group travel in the UAE easy, exciting, and safe. 


  • Truly cosmopolitan


We welcome and value your diverse lived experiences here. When you travel with us, you don’t have to worry about minimising yourself to fit in with the group. 

  • Unboring and untouristy

We don’t do same-old, same-old around these parts. Join us to discover those hidden gems in the UAE or experience popular spots through a refreshing new lens. 


  • Just show up and have fun


Quit worrying about the logistics. We plan everything out for you and bring along first-aid trained local guides for our hikes and a DJ (yes!), pro chef, and other support staff for our kickass camping trips. Come join the party!


From a resourceful travel blog to a luxe travel experience curator in the UAE - this is our journey

Hey, I’m Ashleigh - founder and chief experience curator at Tingu Travel!

 When I moved to London from Zimbabwe with a new job, I had no idea how my life was going to change in the next few years. I was excited to explore Europe, and my colleagues hyped me up to give solo travel a chance. 

 Paris at 24 years old - that’s when I knew I was hooked on travelling, and the next few years were bliss. 

 A few years down the line, I found myself in Johannesburg for work and was outraged at the cost of solo travel across the African continent. And while I found affordable travel spots in South Africa and around the continent, I realised that this information wasn’t easily accessible. 

Starting a travel blog to document everything became the obvious next step, and I called it - you guessed it - Tingu. 

 Ps: I also summited Mt. Kilimanjaro during this time - one of my proudest achievements!



From Kutingara, a Shona word (a Zimbabwean language)


“Tingu” is a Shona word that roughly translates to “gallivanter.” I’ve always been free-spirited, and my mother thought “Tingu” was a fitting nickname for me. I agree!



The blog evolved into a startup for promoting domestic travel in Africa…


Plus, I won the “Startupper of the Year” award at a pitch competition organised by TotalEnergies. 

 And, would you believe it? I found myself in Paris again - this time at a tech incubator to scale Tingu as a brand. 

 The brand that you see today started taking shape when the UAE opened up for travel after the pandemic. The main motivator was to create a community for travellers who are always up for something new, exciting, and different. 

 We all need a sense of belonging - even solo travellers. And Tingu is here to make it easier to find a community that gets you - while being your guide on epic adventures here in the UAE!


Tingu Travel loyalty program

More adventures, more rewards

 Did you know we have a loyalty program that allows you to earn credit towards future trips with us?

 Here's how it works:


  • Each dirham you spend earns you one point
  • Each point is equivalent to 2 fils (0.02 dirham) in credit
  • When you accumulate 2000 points, you can start redeeming them

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