It's Here! Sound Dunes, Our Amazing Flagship Desert Glamping Experience

Blog written on 03-10-2022

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If you’ve camped, trekked, and hiked through the UAE’s vast deserts, you might be looking for a new way to experience the desert. How about dining on some delicious food, watching your favorite films, and dancing the night away in the middle of the desert? If you’ve ever wanted to go to the desert, but didn’t want the typical “dune-bashing and quad bike rides, then you should check out our Sound Dunes, our flagship desert glamping experience!  Here are 8 things you need to know about our luxe experience:

Why it’s called Sound Dunes

Among other things, the UAE is famous for its vast, magnificent deserts filled with sand dunes as far as the eye can see. These all-natural sand mounds were formed over time as the desert winds blew sand together, creating the picturesque sand dunes we see today.

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We decided to take UAE’s world-famous sand dunes and added some sound! Sound Dunes is like a party in the middle of the desert. Music is just one (big) part of the experience as there are many more activities like games and movies that make Sound Dunes as fun as they are!

If you’re looking for a more traditional way of enjoying the UAE’s vast deserts, such as dune-bashing, check out our guide to deserts on our blog!

Why we host Sound Dunes

The UAE’s deserts are some of the most beautiful sights in the world, but not everyone chooses to experience them through conventional means such as camping or hiking. We created Sound Dunes to bring people together to enjoy the UAE’s majestic deserts through various games, food, movies, and music and create a one-of-a-kind experience! 

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Sound Dunes have two kinds of passes: a day pass and an overnight pass. The former lets you experience the daytime itinerary for Sound Dunes: games, food, and even more. However, the latter opens up even more activities and experiences, such as dancing and camping.

People join Sound Dunes for all kinds of reasons, such as wanting to experience the UAE’s deserts in a new kind of way or simply needing a getaway. While you’re there, you’re bound to meet all kinds of people who have amazing stories that they’re just dying to share! 

Food, drinks, and music

You can’t go into the desert with an empty stomach! Our Sound Dunes always have great food and a catered menu by restaurants or professional chefs! Our menu offers a delicious mix of West African and Caribbean flavors, such as juicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken and flavorful Caribbean Curry Goat. We also have vegan options available, such as Sierra Leonean Awojo Binch, Jamaican Rice and Peas, and Plantains!

We also have a professional DJ to ensure we’re listening to some great tunes throughout the event.

Fun for the whole group

In the afternoon, we host a variety of games for the group to play. If you think normal Jenga is a challenge, just wait until you’ve tried playing with desert winds! We also have a variety of board games to play with other members of the group. You can also just lounge around the Boho-themed camp site and get to know everyone else!

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Sound Dunes is a group experience, so you should know how to act if you want to make friends with everyone. Check out our guide to find out more!

Cinema after sunset

When the sun goes, the desert ambiance becomes perfect for a movie! We have a selection of current movies that anyone can watch. Note: the desert gets a bit chilly at night, so you might want to bring a jacket so you can watch in comfort.

Desert nightlife

For travelers with a day pass, nighttime means it’s time to go home. However, if you have an overnight pass, the party’s just getting started! You get to vibe to some of our DJ’s best playlists, dance like nobody’s watching, and overall have an amazing time with your new friends! 

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Bed and breakfast

With an Overnight Pass, not only are you entitled to an incredible night of music and fun but also to our premium, comfortable tents! These are fitted with an inflatable bed and crisp linen sheets to ensure that you’ll be resting in one of the most glamorous accommodation options available. If you want the most premium glamping experience that we offer, you can even rent a camping trailer with a shower, AC, bed, and kitchen!

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When you awake, you’ll have a delicious and hearty breakfast waiting for you, such as cereals, yoghurt, tea/coffee, and even french toast and pancakes! After breakfast, the group usually goes their separate ways–while looking forward to the next Sound Dunes Experience!

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It’s a party–and you’re invited!

Sound Dunes is an amazing experience that you simply have to see for yourself! We offer this trip only once a month–so you’ll have to wait a while if you miss one. Book yourself a pass for the next Sound Dune on our experiences page–and check out our blog and Instagram for even more updates!

Ashleigh (Tingu Travel Founder)

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