6 Reasons That Will Make You Rent a Camping Trailer in the UAE

Blog written on 16-09-2022

When you think about camping, you probably imagine roasting sausages over an open fire under the stars with your friends. While camping is a lot of fun on its own, glamping, literally “glamorous camping”, is a whole new experience! Imagine camping with access to warm bed, a working shower, and a fully-stocked kitchen in the great outdoors. The best way to experience glamping is with a camping trailer rental in the UAE.

What is a camping trailer rental?

A camping trailer rental is a mobile housing unit that you can rent out when you go camping. Camping trailers tend to have amenities that you might miss when you’re on a camping trip, such as a shower, air-conditioning unit, kitchen and bed. Why would you want all of these when you’re camping? Here are a few reasons why you should consider a camping trailer rental in the UAE: You’ll feel clean and comfortable

While millions of people go camping yearly, not everyone gets to experience the premium feel of a camping trailer rental. Wouldn’t it just feel heavenly to take a nice shower after a long day of experiencing the outdoors?

Trailer in the Desert

A camping trailer can give you convenient comfort while you’re out camping. When you rent one of our camping trailers, you’ll have access to a working shower and toilet. These will help you feel clean while also giving you the privacy to relieve yourself comfortably.

You can cook more with access to a kitchen

While roasting meat and marshmallows over an open fire may sound simple, it is easier than photos and movies make it out to be. It takes a lot of work to cook over a bonfire. You need to ensure that the flame doesn’t go out, so be prepared to do a lot of fanning. You’ll also need kindling to add to the flames – which you’ll have to buy because good luck finding firewood in the desert!

6 Reasons That Will Make You Rent a Camping Trailer in the UAE

When you get a camping trailer rental in the UAE, you’ll have access to a kitchen. It’s much easier to cook with a grill and stove than an open fire, assuming you’re used to cooking with them. You also probably won’t have to worry about a strong gust of desert wind putting your fire out and leaving you and your group hungry for the night.

No need to pack/unpack

People think setting up a tent is easy until they have to set one up. Tentpoles can be heavy; you might need an extra set of arms, and if the wind refuses to cooperate? It’ll take even longer! While setting up a tent and handling the elements is part of the fun of camping, you might want to spend some more time relaxing instead of working.

With a camping trailer rental, you won’t have to deal with the pain of packing and unpacking your tent. Since everything is in the trailer, all you have to do is choose a spot and park!


Setting up isn’t challenging at all. Since our trailers are mobile, you don’t have to worry about difficulty in moving them around.

In fact, if you book a trip with us and you choose to rent one of our trailers for it, we’ll even bring the camping trailer and set it up for you. If you would like, we could even set it up in one of our special secret locations!

Better sleep

Traditionally, you would sleep inside a tent or sleeping bag when you go camping. While these are the most common options when it's time to rest your head, camping trailer rentals offer a new, more glamorous option: a full-fledged bed!

6 Reasons That Will Make You Rent a Camping Trailer in the UAE

When you rent a trailer, you (and your back) will definitely be thankful you did when it’s time to rest for the night. Did I mention that the trailers are also air-conditioned, so you can take a peaceful and rejuvenating nap during the day in blissful comfort?

It doesn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors

If you want to sleep in a tent and cook over an open fire, renting a camping trailer won’t stop you from doing either. With a camping trailer rental, you can enjoy everything about camping without any drawbacks.

6 Reasons That Will Make You Rent a Camping Trailer in the UAE

Now you know why you should consider a trailer when camping in the UAE. Check out the Experiences we offer and find out more! Then check out our blog and Instagram for great travel content.

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