Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!

Blog written on 17-10-2022

If you need a break from the busy city, but don’t have the energy for beach or desert trip, you might want to explore a small town instead. In fact, there are dozens of small towns scattered all throughout the emirates. These small towns may not be as large as the bustling cities, but they have their own charm. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at one small town whose name you may already recognize. After all, you’ve probably been drinking their mineral water for years! 

Masafi is a small village located at the foot of the Al Hajar mountains. The village is nestled between two emirates, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. The name “Masafi” literally means “pure water,” which is fitting for a town known for its flowing, all-natural springs. These abundant springs have made it one of the country’s biggest sources of bottled mineral water. Here’s a list of things for to do when you’re in Masafi..

Stop by Wadi Shis

You can’t visit Masafi and not stop by Wadi Shis. Just a few kilometers away from the town is a refreshing, natural body of water. You’ll definitely be tempted to cool off with a refreshing dip into this cold pool.

Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!

Wadi Shis also has a nature trail nearby. Being surrounded by nothing but amazing natural scenery, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing walk.

Score some rare finds at the Friday Market

Looking to do some shopping? Masafi’s Friday Market is a great place to peruse! The name can be a bit misleading though, as even if it’s called the Friday Market, the stores are open all week long! It’s a nice place to nab some fresh fruits, rugs, clay pots, and other neat items at a reasonable price. If you’re feeling a bit hungry, you can also grab some grilled corn and other street delights!

Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!


Visit the Masafi Fort

Up for a history lesson? Masafi is also home to the Masafi Fort, an incredibly well-preserved fort built sometime in the 1800s. You wouldn’t be able to guess its age because it’s held up quite well! The architecture and the surrounding mountains also make it the perfect backdrop for a few travel photos to post online. The best part? There isn’t an entrance fee! Just sign the guestbook and appreciate the history!

Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!


Hike a Masafi trail

Located near the Al Hajar Mountains, Masafi is home to a number of hiking trails. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and bring yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s best to do your research about the trail before booking your hike. You can do this by checking out our guide and understanding your level as a hiker. You’ll also need to bring everything you might need for a hike, like the right clothes and gear. Thankfully, you won’t have much trouble finding some bottled water in Masafi!

We’re hosting a hike to Masafi for beginner hikers! If you’d like to join us on this adventure, you can find more information here on our experiences page.

Hike the Al Hajar Mountains

If you’re an advanced hiker, take a hike up the Al Hajar Mountains. There are a number of trails in the area, ranging from simple and easy walks to challenging hikes that require bouldering and rock climbing. These could be the highlight of your trip, especially if you’re a more experienced hiker.

Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!

Gaze at the Masafi Waterfalls and Cave

The Masafi Waterfall and Cave are man-made tourist attractions. Like natural waterfalls, they’re a place to admire and take pictures. Interestingly, these were actually made by a longtime resident of Masafi, who had these created as a way of giving back to his hometown. In fact, the waterfalls are even built on his very own property–and are completely free of charge to visit.

Take a detour to Khorfakkan

Masafi is a great place to visit and explore, and it’s also close to another area full of adventures–Khorfakkan! Being located by the sea, Khorfakkan is the closest town to Masafi if you want to do some water sports or are simply looking to explore a new area. If you want to learn more about Khorfakkan, you can find out more in our blog post.

Amazing Things to Do in Masafi: Markets, Mountains, and More!

Exploring Masafi is just one of the many things you can do in the UAE. If you want to see what other adventures await you, you can always book an experience with us. You should also follow our blog and Instagram for more updates!

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