Booking a Group Trip in the UAE: The Easy Way

Blog written on 02-09-2022

Planning a trip to the UAE involves a lot of logistics. You have to think of food, lodging, transportation, and the sites you’d like to visit. Aside from all of that, you’d also have to do your own research on what gear and clothes to bring. It can all be overwhelming, so why not spare yourself the headache by booking a group trip in the UAE instead?

By booking a curated travel experience, everything from accommodation to itinerary will be sorted out for you. That means you can turn your mind off, save yourself the stress, and just enjoy the trip! Need some help booking a group trip in the UAE? Here’s the easy way to do it:

Booking a group trip in the UAE with Tingu Travel

The best way to travel the UAE is with a local guide–and that’s where we come in! We, Tingu Travel, are a team run by travelers for travelers. We are committed to showing you the best of what the UAE has to offer, as well as inclusivity and sustainability. In short–we want to give you the best value and the most fun on your trip!

 Booking a Group Trip in the UAE: The Easy Way

When booking a group trip with Tingu Travel, you’ll have a guide who knows all the interesting spots and helpful travel tips and can take you to places off the beaten track! 

Another big benefit of booking with us is that a trip you plan yourself might sound feasible on paper but isn’t in practice. You might plan too much in a single day, then end up having no energy for most of it! We know what’s feasible and isn’t–because we’re seasoned travelers ourselves!

Want to find out more about Tingu Travel? Check out our website for more details! You’ll love browsing the many Experiences we have to offer.

Booking a group trip in the UAE? Here’s what we offer:

Don’t know what you’re looking for yet when booking a group trip in the UAE? The UAE is home to breathtaking scenery, from magnificent mountain peaks to picturesque desert dunes. When you book with Tingu Travel, you can experience the country in ways that go beyond your Lonely Planet guidebook, like hiking, camping, kayaking, and desert trekking because you have a guide taking you to the best places!

Different accommodation packages

Every experience we offer is completely unique. For example, some of our packages include transport whereas others may not. There may also be different accommodation options, like trailers and tents, or you may even opt to bring your own. To make things easy, we highlighted what’s included and not included in the specific experiences we offer. Check them out here!

For example, our Al Rabi Hike for beginners has two different packages, depending on whether or not you want transportation to be included. 

Getting a discount on your trip

Did you know there’s an easy way to get a better deal on our curated travel experiences? By signing up to join our email list, you’ll get a 5% discount for an individual booking! This discount code does not work when booking a trip for more than one person with us.

Preparing for the trip

One of the most stressful parts about booking a trip is figuring out exactly what you’re supposed to bring and wear. You wouldn’t want to show up to a hike underprepared–if you don’t have the right clothes and footwear, you wouldn’t enjoy it to the fullest, and may want to stop midway to rub your feet!

 Booking a Group Trip in the UAE: The Easy Way

When booking a group trip with us, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a trip guide. This will have a checklist of everything you need to bring. After that, all you’ll have to do is start the countdown to the trip of a lifetime!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected]. We'll take good care of you!

Meeting up with the rest of the group

When the day of your trip is finally here, all you have to do is meet up with the rest of the group. Before every trip, we’ll send you the meet-up place, and you can bond with everyone else on the trip bus. If you’re more comfortable behind the wheel, you can also join the convoy with your own car. From there, all you have to do is let loose and enjoy your trip! It’s as simple as that.

Pro tip: make friends with your travel group

When you travel with Tingu, you’ll likely meet all kinds of personalities from all over the world. Making friends with strangers is all part of the Tingu Travel experience! I’ve seen friendships, and even relationships, forged before my very eyes through travel groups. Don’t miss out on some potentially life-changing connections!

 Booking a Group Trip in the UAE: The Easy Way

If you’re not sure how to make friends within your travel group, be sure to check out my article on the topic.

Peruse past trips

While all the necessary prep work will be taken care of when booking a group trip in the UAE, it doesn’t help to do some extra research. Check out our blog to find out even more about the UAE, such as where to visit when in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as even more helpful guides. Once you’re done, book one of our many experiences and follow our Instagram for more updates!

Ashleigh (Tingu Travel Founder)

I’m a travel curator who has visited over 30 countries and is currently based in Dubai. For more of Tingu Travel’s experiences, you can follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok @tingutravel