Heading to the UAE? Bring These 15 Important Travel Essentials

Blog written on 18-07-2022

The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, is an amazing and beautiful country. It’s a tourist destination that has something for everyone. It has shopping malls, beaches, deserts, and mountains. Visiting the UAE is unlike traveling to any other country, so it has its own list of travel essentials. Here’s everything you need to know:

Essential information for the UAE Traveler

The UAE is a country located in the Middle East. It’s known for its modern infrastructure, rich culture and history, and vast tourist attractions. There are many things to see in the UAE, especially in Dubai, the country’s populous city. You can find beaches, aquariums, and even indoor ski slopes!

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If you’re visiting during the summer, you better be prepared for the scorching summer heat. The temperature can hit as high as 45 °C! You better bring the right outfits so you can look fresh in those travel photos.

The country is also incredibly conservative. In public, women have to dress a certain way to abide by the country’s cultural norms. With all of this information in mind, let’s take a look at the must-have travel essentials:

UAE travel essentials for adventurous souls

You’ll need to bring the right gear if you want to experience and enjoy everything the UAE has to offer. Here are five travel essentials you need to make your experience comfortable!

Comfortable sneakers

Trust me when I say that you will be doing a lot of walking in the UAE. Pack your trusty sneakers or athletic shoes to keep your feet from hurting. With the massive tourist attractions in the UAE, you may be walking around for hours. You don’t want to be doing that in six-inch heels!


Want to see some of the most magnificent sights the country has to offer? The UAE is full of beautiful rock formations and mountains you won’t want to miss. If you’re heading out to see them, you’ll need a sturdy backpack to carry all your belongings safely. This is especially necessary if you’re going to try to see as many sights as you can in a day. Check out this article to see how!


You don’t just go to the UAE and not take any travel photos, especially if you’re part of a ladies' travel group in Dubai. If you have a camera, then be sure to bring it! Just make sure not to take any photos of other people without their consent, as that is against the law in the country. 


The UAE is home to famous beaches, like those in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You’ll want to bring your favourite swimwear while you’re there or shop for a new one at the mall. 

Tote bag

You may want a more fashionable alternative to a backpack for days when you’re exploring the city. A nice tote bag will hold all your essentials while also pairing well with most outfits.

Worried about the Dubai climate? Make sure to have these travel essentials

As mentioned previously, the temperature in the UAE can get quite high. Here’s what you’ll need to bring to protect yourself from the heat.

Polarized Shades

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When the sun gets too bright, a pair of quality polarized shades will protect your eyes. These are definitely a must-have in a sunny country.

Sunscreen (at least SPF 30)

Protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh UV light should be a priority. Besides dressing appropriately, you’ll want to use sunscreen with at least SPF 30. This will help keep your skin from getting burnt from the harsh desert sun.


While many of the buildings in the country are air-conditioned, you should still bring a fan with you. You won’t always be inside a mall or restaurant, so a fan will still be nice to have.


A hat can help protect you from the harsh sun. Paired with the right pieces, you can have a fashionable and functional travel outfit.

Insulated Water Bottle

Having an insulated water bottle will mean you’ll always have access to ice-cold water. You’ll thank yourself when it’s time to quench your thirst. Don’t drink or eat on public transportation, as this is against the law in the UAE. It will also help keep your costs low, as bottled water can get pricey at tourist attractions.

Travel essentials for the female tourist

The UAE is culturally a conservative country. This means that women will have a few more rules to follow, whether solo traveling or in a ladies' travel group in Dubai. Here are fashion pieces and travel essentials that every female tourist heading to the UAE should have: Long skirt

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When you’re in the UAE, you’ll need to cover your knees in certain places like marketplaces, mosques, and government buildings. This applies to both men and women. A long, thin skirt will help you dress appropriately while also still being comfortable.

Women don’t have to dress conservatively everywhere in the UAE, though. Modest clothing isn't required for places like beach clubs and nightclubs.


You’ll also want to cover up your shoulders, and carrying a shawl or scarf can help. It can also double as a headpiece to protect you from the intense desert heat. If you don’t own one, there’ll be no shortage of them at the local marketplaces or souks. You can even get them at a bargain if you visit the ones in Old Dubai! You’ll need a shawl or some other form of head cover if you want to enter a mosque and see its beautifully decorated interiors. Check out this article to see what to expect when entering the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi!

Swimsuit cover-up

Swimsuits are acceptable in the UAE, as long as you wear them at the beach or a pool. However, if you want to eat at a restaurant, you’ll have to cover up immediately after you leave these areas. A cute swimsuit cover-up, and a long skirt, should work just fine.

An elegant outfit

If you’re planning a dinner at one of the UAE’s high-class establishments, you’ll have to dress the part. High-end restaurants have a stringent dress code for patrons. You may want to pack a modest yet classy dress and your favourite pair of heels.

Clothes made of lightweight materials

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With shawls and other articles of clothing, women will have to be more mindful of what materials they’re wearing in the UAE. Packing lightweight clothing pieces ensures you’re not burning up underneath all that cloth. Thin shawls, skirts, and dresses will be your best friends in the UAE.

With so many essential items, you may not have them just yet. Thankfully, there are souks all over the UAE. Check out this article if you want to see what you can find out what Dubai’s marketplaces have to offer.

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