• Why is my discount code not working for a group booking?
    Discount codes apply for individual bookings only.
  • Where can I view the Terms and Conditions?

You can read them here.

  • Is it possible to modify a trip and join the group for only part of the package?

No. Our packages are sold as is. 

  • Can you provide the location of the meeting point for day trips?

No. This information is shared with paid guests a few days before the trip.

  • When do bookings close?

Multi-day Trips
Bookings close 30 days before the trip date.
Day trips
Bookings close 2 days before the trip date. 


  • What happens after I’ve made a payment?

You will receive a confirmation email for your payment. In this email, you will find your trip guide and indemnity form. Our team will contact you to provide additional details for the trip.

  • If I choose an instalment option, how do I know when my next payment is due?

We will send you an email reminder. Alternatively, you can log onto the website and make your payment from there.

  • Should I not be able to complete an instalment payment plan, what happens?

The refund policy below applies.

  • What is the refund policy?

Multi-day trips

Up to 60 days before the trip - full refund (less bank transfer fees)
59 to 30 days before the trip - 50% refund (less bank transfer fees)
Less than 30 days before the trip - no refund

Day trips
Up to 7 days before the trip - full refund (less bank transfer fees)
Less than 7 days before the trip - no refund

  • If I test positive for Covid-19 before the trip, can I get a refund?

If you provide a positive Covid-19 certificate more than 30 days prior to the trip, we will issue a full refund.  The certificate must be from an approved lab, and must be stamped. We will not issue a refund unless a certificate is sent to us not more than 30 days before the trip. You can also transfer your payment to another trip. If you test positive less than 30 days prior to a trip, we will transfer your trip credit to another trip.

  • If I cannot travel at the last minute, or do not show up for the trip, can I get a refund?

The refund policy still applies. 

  • Do you provide travel insurance for the duration of the trip?

No, each traveller must provide their own comprehensive travel insurance. 

  • Do you provide a flight-booking service?

No, all travellers should book their own flights and handle their own visa requirements. We are not responsible for providing alternative trip itineraries should you book flights and visas, and not end up booking a trip with us.

  • Can you share other travellers’ flight details so I can make a similar booking?

We will try to make this possible. Please note your host will be at the destination before you and will therefore not be on the same flight as you. 

  • Where will I meet the host?

You will meet the host at the destination airport. They will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal. You will have ample communication with the host prior to the trip start date.

  • Do you arrange Covid tests at the destination?

Yes, we will all go as a group for our Covid tests. However, you need to pay for this service yourself.

  • Can I share a room with my friend or partner?

Room sharing will be determined per package. We will do our best for you to share a room with a traveller of the same gender. If we do not have someone of the same gender to share with, you will have to choose a non-sharing option. 

  • Which hotels/resorts will we stay in?

With the exception of hiking trips, we aim to ensure high quality accommodation is booked for our guests. We confirm resort names with paid guests a month before the trip. This is due to the nature of booking arrangements we have with our vendors.

  • What happens if a trip is cancelled?

Should we cancel a trip (e.g due to Covid restrictions), we will provide a full refund to all our guests.

  • Can I meet the hosts prior to the trip?

Paid guests are able to meet the host prior to the trip. Should you need to get some more information about the trip before booking, we can schedule a Zoom call to discuss any questions you might have. Please email us or send us a WhatsApp message to schedule this.

  • Can I meet the other travellers prior to the trip?

As most travellers are coming from different destinations, it may not always be possible to arrange this. However, 30 days prior to the trip, arrangements for this can be made should the other travellers be willing.